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10 Easy St. Patricks Day Crafts For Kids

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St. Patricks Day was always so fun in elementary school. I remember always doing St. Patricks Day crafts, eating green food, and wearing something green. In fact: I mostly remember MAKING SURE I fell asleep with something green on, this way if one of my Sisters pinched me, I could retaliate big time.

Now that my daughter is older (three) she is starting to love the crafts. She loves to make stuff for Daddy and her imagination is just taking off. I am loving it.

This year we will definitely be making some St. Patricks Day crafts. I’ll post them on my Instagram when we do. Follow me so you can see how they turn out!

1- St. Patricks Day Crafts: Shamrock Man

This little Shamrock Man is adorable. Imagine him with googly eyes! TheResourcefulMama.com is where this little man can be found along with the shamrock templates so you don’t have to make your own.

St Patricks Day Craft: Shamrock Man | PickingPeanuts.com

2- St. Patricks Day Crafts: Clover Cupcake Liners

This craft is super kid friendly, your kid could make three leaf clovers and four leaf clovers. All you need is paper, cupcake liners, and glue.

St Patricks Day Craft | PickingPeanuts.com

3- St. Patricks Day Crafts: Rainbow Shaker

Whats better to kids than a craft that turns into something super noisy and potentially obnoxious? That’s right, nothing. Fill these beautys with rice, cereal, jingle bells, whichever. The noisy the better. Also, if you wish to buy ear plugs, you can grab those here haha

St. Patricks Day Craft | PickingPeanuts.com

4- St. Patricks Day Crafts: Fizzing Shamrock

Make fizzing paint with one part paint and three parts baking soda. After your kid is done painting, make the picture fizz by adding drops of vinegar. MAGIC!

5- St. Patricks Day Crafts: Leprechaun Handprint

All you need for this project is paint and an adorable little helper. Have your cute little helper paint their hand orange. You can add the leprechaun skin colored paint to the palm of the hand and have your helper press their hand onto a paper, canvas, paper plate etc. After it drys, add the hat and the leprechaun’s face.

6- St. Patricks Day Crafts: Build A Leprechaun

These paper leprechaun crafts are super cute. She has brilliantly designed them to be easy for most to assemble. Even better, these are FREE printables, go grab them today.

7- St. Patricks Day Crafts: Lucky Necklace

The kids I know, love making noodle necklaces. This necklace is even more fun with all the shamrocks! You could cut out different shapes too such as, rainbows, hats, or pots of gold.

8- St. Patricks Day Crafts: Clover Hat

You can make these pretty easily, you just need strips of paper, glue or a stapler, and shamrocks. Kids love showing off their crafts and will wear these all St. Patricks Day long.

9- St. Patricks Day Crafts: Hanging rainbow

The hardest part about this craft is figuring out where to hang it up after its all done… Just sayin.

It’ll take less than 15 minutes and you will feel like your kids did something other than look at screens all day.

10- St. Patricks Day Crafts: Shamrock Photo

The sentimental Mom part of me finds this to be so cute! Lets face it, the real key to my heart are gooey projects like this.

The only problem with the crafts like these, are that I want to keep them forever and ever but have no idea where to put stuff like this. Let the hoarding commence.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these simple crafts. For more holiday crafts visit my “Holiday Fun” Pinterest board.

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Easy St. Patricks Day Crafts For Kids | PickingPeanuts.com
Easy ST Patricks Day Crafts | PickingPeanuts.com
Easy St Patricks Day Crafts | PickingPeanuts.com
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