Fun Fall Date Ideas

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Fall is my very most favorite time of year.  I am aching for some fall in my life right now.  I am sick of the almost 100 degree tempertures everyday.  Being hot all the time.  Everything being overcrowded. Most of all I am sick of the smoke.  Here in Utah, it has been SOOO smokey.  Between getting some smoke from California fires and our own fires, we are drowning in smoke here.  I have never wanted fall to be here so badly.  Not only do I love fall, but I love dating my Husband putting the two of them together are amazing.  These date night ideas will have you “fall”ing in love all over again.

Get Lost In A Corn Maze!

We haven’t done this in a few years, but I definitely plan on doing this again this year.  My favorite kind of corn maze is a haunted corn maze.  Its stupidly fun having people jump out and scare you.  I actually hate it while doing it, but once its all over I just want to do it again.

Get Lost In Nature

Ok, DON’T ACTUALLY GET LOST PEOPLE! That would be so bad! What I meant is go for a hike, soak it all in, and forget about your worries for a minute.  Utah is so beautiful, especially during fall!  The mountains are definitely something to escape to.  The leaves changing colors and all the beautiful hikes are something I absolutely look forward to each fall.

Go Get Your Favorite Beverage

Go to your favorite coffee house or soda shack and just catch up.  Sometimes I find myself only talking about our kid, and find him only talking about work.  It’s nice to keep those things off topic and talk about future plans, reminisce on old times, or just sit there in silence people watching.  Anytime together is the best time and you can’t go wrong getting out of the house, even if it’s just for an hour.

Go to a Haunted House

Haunted houses are always a blast!  I love/hate haunted houses.  What can I say, they are scary, jumpy, spooky, but ultimately just a fun time with friends.  I usually laugh until I cry, and then am not sure if I am crying because of laughter or fear, haha someone help.

Take a Guided Ghost Tour

Haunted houses are fun and all, but have you ever been on a guided ghost tour?  Just to warn you, your eyes will water, you will get goose bumps, and probably NOPE out of there before the tour has ended.

Go to a Pumpkin Patch

We went to a pumpkin patch last year with our Daughter and absolutely loved it.  I had no idea on all the different types of pumpkins you could get; small, large, and tiny, white, green, and orange.  It was fun imagining what each pumpkin could turn out to be, and then finding the perfect pumpkin for that vision.  Our Daughter ended up painting her tiny pumpkin while we ended up carving ours.  It was a great time, with great memories, that can easily be turned into a date idea.

Go Watch a Scary or Halloween Movie

It’s our tradition to watch Hocus Pocus each year.  It’s kind of just our way of kicking off Fall season and Halloween time.

Confession, I hate watching scary movies in the theaters.  I am totally that person that would jump or scream it’s totally embarrassing.  That being said, Fall is THE BEST time for scary movies.  Grab one from your local Redbox, or stream it from Amazon.

Have Friends Over For A Bon Fire

Make a group date and bond over some fire.  While you’re at it, melt some marshmallows and have some s’mores.  My Favorite s’more ingredients are: graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate frosting (instead of chocolate bars), Reeses, and strawberries.

Go Golfing

I am not a huge fan of golfing, but love playing at Top Golf.  I love this date idea.  If you are unsure what Top Golf is, think bowling with golf balls, kind of.  If you have a Top Golf near you, take up to six of your favorite people (including you) and go.

Go Star Gazing

Grab your warm clothes, a blanket, and perhaps some hot chocolate and go star gazing.  Who knows, maybe you will see a shooting star to make a wish upon.


What are your favorite dates for fall?

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