10 Ways To Make Money By Friday

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AHH! Does it seem like bad things happen in groups of three?  Your basement floods, you need a new tire, your animal needs to go to the vet, someone breaks a window due to playing ball in the house. *face palm* Regardless of what the circumstance is, all you know is you need money and FAST.  Here are 10 quick ways to make money, that can easily be done in your free time.

I truly believe that everyone should have an emergency fund.  If you have one GREAT, the examples above would be a great time to use it.  However, you will still need to replenish it for future emergencies.  Emergencies happen to everyone, you are not alone, you will have the advantage because you now know what you need to do to get back ahead.  Check our my tips on saving money here (coming soon).

  • Sell something you already own. Set your price and put it on Craigs List, LetGo or something similar.  You can also put it on Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, or take it to a local thrift shop. People will haggle sometimes but thats just all apart of selling stuff to a stranger.
  • House sit, let your friends and family know that you would be willing to house sit for them when they leave town.  With the Holiday season right around the corner this is becoming a more popular way of making quick money.  Basically you stay in their house while they are away to keep an eye on things and hopefully prevent anything bad from happening while the home owner is away.
  • Babysit/nanny.  If you like kids, let your neighbors and friends know that you are available to watch their kids and set your price.

    • Walk dogs / dog sit.  A lot of people are away from their home for 9 hours a day while they are working.  This leaves their fur babies home alone.  Walking dogs is a great way for the dog to get rid of some excess energy, and is a great way for you to earn some money.   You can also watch animals while their pet parents are away on vacation.
    • Host a yard sale.  You can sell your stuff from your own front yard.  This is a great option because you don’t have to package items up and ship them to your buyers.
    • Ask your neighbors if you can help them with yard maintenance.  Something like picking up dog poop, pulling weeds, cleaning out the pool, mowing the grass, shoveling when it snows etc.  It’s hard to keep up on yard work so I would happily pay someone a little bit of money to help me out.
    • Let your community know that you will be around to wash windows Thursday. Then set your price either per window, or per home.  Windows get so dirty! It is nice to be able to see out of them after the dirty snow and rain has let up.
    • Wash out garbage cans. Set your price and then give your neighbors a heads up that you will be washing garbage cans the day they are emptied.  In my neighborhood the cans get emptied on Fridays, I would let people know Wednesday that I would be willing to power wash their garbage cans for $10 or do both cans for $15.  A LOT of people sign up for this each time its been offered.

  • Drive for Uber or Lyft.  For these companies you can use your own cars (within their guidelines), pick people up and drive them to their destination.  Both companies have an app that is easy to use.  You switch it to driver mode, select your passenger for pick up, pick them up, drop them off, and then you get paid from their saved credit card that is on file.  You can calculate your earnings with LYFT here.
  • Clean houses.  Let friends/family/community know that you can clean their house for $80-$100 (or whatever price you decide). They get 2-3 hours of your time for that cost.  You get a decent hourly wage and they get a clean house.  Most people work really hard and have no time to clean their house, or they are too tired to once they get home.
  • BONUS: Do handyman work.  Hang light fixtures, fix a leaky faucet, paint a room, caulk a bathtub, replace flooring, sand a deck etc.

As you can see there are many ways to make money really fast.  Yes it does involve work but at least you wont be set back financially for as long.  See my complete money making list here (coming soon)

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