15 Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

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When we found out I was pregnant, I immediately knew I wanted to have a big surprise gender reveal party.   I decorated with pink and blue streamers, lips and mustaches, I even had guests sign in using a pink or blue pen to show their guess. Most of our guests thought for sure it was going to be a boy, only a few thought girl.

Of course there was also food.  I made pink and blue rice krispie treats, blue and pink lemonades, pretzels with pink or blue chocolate, but the ultimate surprise was hidden in these sweet and delicious cake pops.  I had my friend make pink cake pops and cover them in white chocolate sprinkled with blue and pink decorations on top.  My Husband wore blue, I wore pink. It was perfect.

My husband and I decided to do things a little bit differently than a normal gender reveal.  We found out the gender at the ultrasound, then we joyfully watched everyone elses face as they bit into the cake pops to find out the gender. It was so fun, and pretty incredible to watch everyone’s reaction.

And since you’re all dying to know…

It’s a GIRL!!

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Because of how much fun it was to throw this party, I wanted to put together this list for you all to enjoy too.

1. Gender Reveal Party Pinata Cake | Sweet and Savory by Shinee

I love the idea of opening up a cake and seeing the surprise inside.  This cake is filled with blue candies, you could do Gumballs, Sixlets, M&Ms or blue sprinkles.  These super cute sprinkles are totally worth it, they not only look great on cake but look super cute on cake balls, cookies, brownies etc.  Grab them here.

2. Gender Reveal Cake Pops | Craftsy

Cake pops are one of my greatest weaknesses in life.  They are just so good! I have made them myself before, which isn’t hard, just time consuming, and I have had them made for me… Maybe I also grab one while I make a Starbucks run, maybe I don’t, I will never tell. 😉  I love the sticks on these particular cake pops.  You can grab them here.  

If you don’t have time to make these or don’t know anyone to help you out, ETSY.com is my go to for homemade goods.

If you want to make them yourself you will need; cake mix including the oil and eggs, gel food coloring, buttercream frosting, candy melts, sucker sticks, styrofoam (if you want your cake pops standing up instead of being down), bags (to individually wrap), ribbon (to tie off the bag).  I follow this method from Craftsy.com.

3. Gender Reveal Cupcake Toppers | Created By Us

If you don’t already know I am a huge ETSY fan.  I love seeing all the creativity of people, plus I love supporting small businesses.  You can grab these pretty inexpensive cupcake toppers and add them to already made cupcakes.  It’s so simple I love it.

Shopping tip: When looking for items on ETSY I look for shops that have good reviews and a short ship time. This particular shop currently gets items out within 1-3 days and has a solid 5 star review with over 900 reviews and way more sales.  

4. Gender Reveal Blue Chocolate Covered Pretzels | Catch My Party

I made chocolate covered pink and blue pretzels like in this photo by Catch My Party.  I used these sprinkles by putting pink sprinkles on the blue pretzels, and blue sprinkles on the pink pretzels.  It turned out so cute.  Grab your Candy Melts here. 

5. Gender Reveal Pink and Blue Chocolate Dipped Oreos | Sprinkles For Breakfast

Who doesn’t LOVE Oreos?  I might be ‘starting a line’ of my fave ones (Birthday Cake Oreos) as we speak.  Yes a line. I don’t always eat that many but I know to draw the line at ‘a line.’  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted. 😉

Using melting chocolates and gel food coloring, Oreos can easily be dipped into the chocolate.  Put them on parchment paper and into the fridge or freezer for the chocolate to set.  If you wish to add sprinkles, add them to the Oreo while the chocolate is still wet. Everyone is bound to love these.

6. Gender Reveal Rice Krispie Treats | Homemakin and Decoratin

Hands down I am THE WORST Rice Krispie treat maker in the history of EVER.

For those of you who don’t know, Rice Krispies are made from rice cereal, marshmallows and butter.  It really is not hard to mess up but I do, MOST OF THE TIME.  These were not the favorite treats (or should I say rocks) at my party… These from Homemakin & Decoratin look amazing and delicious though. 🙂

7. Gender Reveal Pink and Blue Deviled Eggs | Simple as 1-2-3 

Whenever I take Deviled Eggs to any party, they are always a hit. People want my ‘secret recipe’. Here’s the secret, there is no secret.  I literally boil, peel, cut the egg, mash the yolk, add mayo, mustard, salt and pepper to taste, topped with paprika.  *drops the mic*

These eggs are even more adorable because they are colored blue and pink.  In order to achieve this, peel and half your eggs.  In a separate bowl or a cup, add a few drops of food coloring with about a cup of water.  Put the eggs in there until desired level of color is achieved.  Take the egg out, and continue filling the eggs with your yolk mixture.

8. Gender Reveal Cookies | Journey Of Parenthood

Who doesn’t love sugar cookies? Homemade is always best (especially with cream cheese frosting) but of course you could go grab these from your local grocer to save on time.

9. Gender Reveal Lil Peanuts | For The Love Of Food Blog

These Lil’ Peanuts are seriously so cute.  Maybe I also love them even more because “Peanut” was the first nickname we gave our Daughter.  They are very suiting and adorable.  All you would need is some Nutter Butter Cookies, Colored Candy Melts, and little M&Ms, frosting, or even chocolate chips for the eyes.

10. Gender Reveal Strawberries | Simply Futbol

Chocolate covered strawberries are my top 5 favorite foods.  They are a perfect summer snack and they look good decorated in any color.   You could also dip marshmallows or bananas too.   YUM.

11. Gender Reveal Watermelon Baby Carriage | All Women Stalk

Continuing with fruit, I could not pass up this adorable idea from All Women Stalk.  I love the medley of fruit that is placed into this watermelon.  This ice cream scoop is perfect for cutting out balls of watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc.

12. Gender Reveal Hersheys Bar | The Denver House Wife

This gender reveal idea is super cheap and simple, plus you get to eat chocolate afterwards, winning.  You would just need are Hershey’s bars, and pink and blue permanent markers.  

13. Gender Reveal Muddy Buddies | Inspiration Made Simple

Muddy Buddies were one of my favorite treats as a kid growing up.  My Mom would make them for us each time we went camping.  This recipe is pretty easy to follow.  Add the candies afterward for some color. It’s perfect.

Did you know: You can find any single color of Sixlets at your local Hobby Lobby or craft store? 

14. Gender Reveal Pink Punch, Blue Brew Drinks | Pearls Handcuffs Happy Hour

I definitely had pink and blue punch at my party.  The pink juice was just regular pink lemonade, the blue one was a blue raspberry lemonade.  The blue one went a lot faster than the pink, like I said before, everyone was on team boy.  You can grab blue cups or pink cups here.

15. Gender Reveal Water Bottle Labels | Dreamy Party Printable Shop – ETSY

Throwing this back to ETSY.  This particular printable is an instant download, which means it is sent to you within seconds under your “my purchases” tab on ETSY.  If you have a laser jet printer, that would be best because laser ink doesn’t smear.  A normal inkjet printer will work well too and still look nice, but may smear when wet.

I hope this helped you to plan your perfect Gender Reveal Party.

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