33 Activities to Avoid Screen Time

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The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children under 2 watch no TV, and children over age 2 watch no more than 2 hours per day.  YIKES!  I will be the first one to admit I’m always checking social media, texting, taking pictures, or just on my phone A LOT.  I could definitely be better.  I have compiled a list of things we do day to day to avoid screen time.  Add anything not screen related, you’d like in the comments below. ♥


1. Paint using water colors.

2. Color with crayons or washable markers – Little Goose currently prefers markers.  Its easier for her to get a lot of color on a page than with crayons, and she doesn’t have to press as hard.

3. Paint nails.  Little Goose loves to pick out the polish color.  Sometimes I even let her paint my nails too.  Yes, it gets all over my fingers, not just my nails. #WorthIt

4. Make slime – read all about our slime making experience *insert laughing until crying emoji* haha

5. Play with Legos, build stuff.  I love these Mega Bloks! They are bigger than other Legos and easier for the Littles to grab onto.

6. Build towers out of blocks and knock them over.  Little Goose thinks its hilarious to knock over the towers.

7. Read books!  Some of our favorites are I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug! , Don’t Push The Button! , Moo Baa LaLaLa (Little Goose has this one memorized) and Disney Princess Look and Find.

8. Tote A Fort! Is an awesome way to make fort building super easy! It comes with blankets, Velcro straps, and bean bags to anchor the blankets down.

9. Play with water in the sink or tub.  Little Goose loves to play with water,  whether its washing actual dishes or with her play sink or playing in the tub.  Moving water from one container to another is a great way to keep her busy.

10. Play with toys.

11. Have fun with a laundry basket.

12. Bake a treat- we love to bake cookies – see my favorite chocolate chip recipe, its seriously so good!

13. Play with Play Doh!

14. Make Play Doh- see this no cook recipe or my favorite recipe which involves heat.

15. Play with your pets.

16. Do Moms hair (brace yourself for a tangled mess)

17. Climb on things supervised. Couches, beds, chairs, whatever really as long as you are there to catch them in case they fall.

18. Do her hair.  I love love LOVE curly hair, but I refuse to apply heat to her fine soft hair.  These no heat curlers get me the curly look without any of the damage.

19. “Help” with laundry. “Help” because lets face it, they just unfold what you already folded. 🙂

20. Play in boxes.

21. Paint, tape down some wax paper and let them just go for it.  It makes for super easy clean up.


22. Go to an aquarium.

23. Play at the park.

24. Go to the zoo.

25. Go for a walk

26. Take baby dolls/toys for a walk.

27. Walk the dogs.

28. Visit a farm.

29. Blow bubbles.  This Gazillion bubble blower saves me from having to be the one blowing bubbles and getting light headed. Seriously, everyone needs this if you plan on blowing bubbles.

30. Visit a splash pad. Little Goose loves playing with water so a Splash Pad is the perfect summer spot for us.  Did I mention how much I love her swim suit?  It covers her shoulders to keep the sun off her precious skin, it also has ruffles which are so adorable!

31. Go for a ride.

32. Visit your local pet store to look at the different animals.

33. Visit a museum.  Locally, our favorite museum is the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point Its amazing to watch her mind soak it all in.  All of my local friends, I highly recommend you go. ♥


♥Stay Beautiful♥

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2 thoughts on “33 Activities to Avoid Screen Time”

  1. I love this list! When I was a nanny, we never used iPads or anything like that. We were constantly reading books and playing with interactive toys. I do believe iPads can be plenty educational and entertaining, though!

    1. Thanks Alexis!
      Yes, there are many times when the Ipad is my saving grace!! She has so many educational apps on there she could easily be entertained by them for hours.

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