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50 Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

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The annual Easter egg hunt is such a fun event. Watching the kids extreme amount of anticipation right before you say go, as they eye all the eggs they are going to grab, its just so fun and exciting. Its my absolute favorite when the eggs are filled with something else other than candy. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Reeses Eggs as much as the next Gal, but little toy surprises are better for me. I’m not saying do not put any candy in the eggs. After all let your kids be kids. Everything is good in moderation.

I’ll link them up for your convenience, just know there is a lot of fun things and trinkets you can find at your dollar store.  Also note that you can spread out any particular item into a bunch of eggs.  You really don’t have to spend a bunch of money of you don’t want to. 

  1. Coins
  2. Chapstick
  3. Hair Chalk
  4. Colored Hair Spray
  5. Hair Ties
  6. Hair Bows
  7. Headbands
  8. Nail Polish
  9. Glowing Stars
  10. Silly Putty
  11. PlayDoh
  12. Splat Balls
  13. Grow Toys
  14. Slime
  15. Hot Wheels
  16. Temporary Tattoos
  17. Stickers
  18. Bouncy Balls
  19. Expandable Washcloth
  20. Lego Figurines
  21. Princess Figurines
  22. Miniature Tsum Tsum
  23. Whistles
  24. Stamps
  25. Pencil Toppers
  26. Silly Bands Bracelet
  27. Rings
  28. Crayons
  29. Markers
  30. Water Color Paint
  31. Chalk
  32. Silly Socks
  33. Glow Sticks
  34. Bubbles
  35. Littlest Pet Shop
  36. Dinosaurs
  37. Poppers
  38. Kazoo
  39. Toy Surprise Bath Bomb
  40. Ear Buds

Easter Egg Coupons

I love the idea of putting “Coupons” in the Easter Eggs just because, I for sure love making memories over having things.

  1. Trip To The Park
  2. You Pick Dinner
  3. Movie Night
  4. Stay Up Late
  5. 30 More Minutes Of Screen Time
  6. Go Out For Ice Cream
  7. One on One Time With Mom
  8. One on One Time With Dad
  9. You Decide Todays Activity
  10. $5.00 To Spend At The Dollar Store

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