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6 Tips To A Great Marriage: Marital Advice For Every Couple

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We got married young, and definitely didn’t know exactly what life was gonna throw our way. What we did know is that we were gonna figure it out together, we were gonna grow together, and not let fear, judgment, or others opinions stop us. This marital advice is great for any couple, new or old.


My Husband and I have been married for 11 years this month, (HOLY CRAP) we were married as babies, literally, he was 19 and I was 18, to say we are STILL CRAZY about each other is an understatement. You don’t just defy the odds by showing love minimally. We genuinely show love for each other every single day. Settle down, its nothing extravagant or even a little crazy. It’s simply me making sure I walk him to the door when he leaves for work in the morning, giving him an extra squeeze just as he tries to leave, him texting that he made it to work, and random messages throughout his VERY BUSY day. Or us setting time for each other EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, after we put our kid to bed, to just lay on the bed, chat about our days, reminisce on the past, plan our future, or even watch TV. I’m not gonna lie, I look forward to it EVERY night. That’s our kind of love. Simple. Flirty/Teasing. Amazing Love.

When people find out these details on how young I was when I got married they mostly look at me sideways and ask WHY and then they follow by HOW and the occasional #couplegoals.

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Marital Advice 1: They’re your best friend

Your spouse is your best friend. Period. End of story. You tell EVERYTHING to this person. This is the person you vent to. The first person you go to with news. Your gossiping buddy. Your cheerleader. That person who makes you laugh so hard you almost wet yourself. They are also that person to nicely knock you down a few notches when your being crazy. This person pushes you to become better. They are that someone you adore.

Marriage is not 50/50 its 100/100. That being said, there are going to be times when its all you can do to give 80% instead of 100%. It’s those times where your spouse comes in and picks up the other 20%. Be patient with each other. Help each other become great.

Marital Advice 2: Don’t talk badly about your spouse EVER

I mean, don’t talk badly about your spouse to other people. If you have something negative to say, SAY IT TO YOUR SPOUSE. How is your spouse supposed to know what’s driving you crazy if you don’t speak up. Like I said before, they are your BEST FRIEND, you can tell them anything.

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Marital Advice 3: No Bickering

Stop it. Bickering can lead to unnecessary fights and things said that shouldn’t have been said. Just agree to disagree and move on.

Marital Advice 4: BE HONEST

Tell the truth in EVERY aspect of life. Finances, credit score, spending habits, work life, health, personal growth. EVERYTHING. ALSO, do not tell HALF TRUTHS. Half truths can lead to full on lies and backpedaling later.

Marital Advice 5: Say I LOVE YOU all the time

Can you say I LOVE YOU too much? Is that even a thing? I don’t think so. Not if the person you’re saying it to / receiving it from is the person meant for you. I can’t even count how many times we say these words in my house a day. I love it.

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Marital Advice 6: Make time for one another

Like I said before, that time we spend together each night before bed, is my favorite time of day. The whole world just slows down a little bit. It’s nice to reconnect each day, even when all we do is lay there.

Go on dates. I get it. Life gets crazy, it gets busy, you cant always find a sitter. I get it. So put the kid to bed and rent a movie on Amazon, HBO, Redbox, whichever and stay in! Date night, even if once a month, needs to be on your priority list.

That’s it.

These simple things are what have helped us defy the odds and will continue to do so.

One last thought

Find that person that will embrace every part of you. Every curve, bump, bloat, pound, and habits. They acknowledge your crazy times and help you deal with it instead of dismiss or shy away from it. Find that person that will love you through your flaws. Most of the time they don’t see what you see in the mirror anyway. We are our own worst critics right? Find that person that finds you irresistible and that can’t live without you.

♥Grow together, never apart. ♥

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