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8 Simple Easter Crafts For Kids

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Easter time, or spring time, is a special time of year. I love the fresh crisp morning air, its getting warmer outside, plants start blooming, baby animals are everywhere. Spring just represents a rebirth or something new, and I love it. What a better way to welcome Easter than with an Easter craft. These crafts are simple enough to make and adorable to keep around.

I generally stock up on craft supplies from my local Craft OR Dollar Store. While I was at the Dollar Store this time, I also found some pretty cute window decals. Little Goose LOVES to decorate her bedroom window each month. She was tickled pink when she found a cute little bunny and a cute little chick, and lots of eggs, to decorate her windows with. If you want some window decals, even these gel clings, check out your local dollar store, rather than spending $3+ on them elsewhere.

I have come to realize, I can literally make a bunny or a chick with almost anything. This list will inspire you to do the same. ♥

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1- Easter Crafts | Lollipop Bunnies | OneLittleProject

These cute bunnies are so simple to make.  They make for a great spring craft too. They would be great to set out at Easter, or even have your kids make them.

lolly pop bunnies | Easter Craft | PickingPeanuts.com

2-Easter Craft | Bunny Rabbit Handprint | Crafty Morning

I am such a sucker for things like these.  My kid hates making these though. Something about getting her hands messy.  Shes funny. She doesn’t mind tracing her hands, but if they have to get messy she refuses.

bunny-handprint-craft- | Easter Craft | Pickingpeanuts.com

3- Easter Craft | Paper Bunny Craft | Easy Peasy and Fun

All you need for this craft is a piece of paper, googly eyes and glue.

 Paper Bunny Craft | Easter Craft | PickingPeanuts.com

4- Easter Craft | Pine Cone Chicks | Etsy.com

These chicks look super cute and are easy to make.  Gather some pine cones, felt, cotton balls or bouncy balls, googly eyes, spray paint, and glue.

Pine Cone Chicks |  Easter Craft | PickingPeanuts.com

5- Easter Crafts | Toilet roll stamp | New Young Mum

I did this one last year with Little Goose.  She loved it! It took a few tries to get the toilet roll stamp to work properly but we got it.

Paper Roll Bunny | Easter Craft | PickingPeanuts.com

6- Easter Crafts | Easter Bunny Plate | Best Idea For Kids

Who doesn’t love playing with paper plates? This craft is great for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. They can do all the gluing, you can do all the cutting.

Bunny Paper Plate | Easter Craft | PickingPeanuts.com

7- Easter Craft | Pom Pom Bunny |  Cool Creativity

These little fluffy bunnies are so cute! This tutorial shows you how to make them using yarn and string.

Pom Pom Bunny  | Easter Craft | Pickingpeanuts.com

8- Easter Craft | Clothes Pin| One Little Project

So simple, yet so adorable. I love the little surprise when you open the clothespin. You can get all of the supplies at the dollar store.

There you have it. Eight super simple, kid friendly Easter craft ideas. I hope you have enjoyed this post, please share it and PIN it to Pinterest.

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8 Simple Easter Crafts | Pickingpeanuts.com
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