A Fathers Role

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Let me just preface this story by saying this: There really is just something about Daddy and Little Goose that is just mind blowingly beautiful. (Yes, I have to make up my own words to describe such a thing.) Often times I catch myself staring at them, and it just leave me speechless, I’m not sure what I did to deserve such a treasure. Seriously, I am so blessed.

Today was a day! Not just a day- today was a teething toddler crying, wont eat nothing, doesn’t want to touched, practically always giving me the finger type of day. (I’m crying inside, seriously…send help) But really, I know you feel for me! 

Then Daddy comes home..

So Daddy comes home and Little Goose wants nothing to do with him.  No surprise there given the day I had.  This doesn’t even phase Daddy. Ya see, Daddy knows how to fix EVERYTHING, he knows how to make everything better. So what does Daddy do? Daddy PLAYS HARD TO GET! That’s right! He straight up ignores her rude, sassiness that she is throwing his way and goes and plays with her toys.  Well this intrigues Little Goose,  I’m sure she was thinking “Daddy can’t play with my toys without me.”  She gets a little closer, he playfully turns away, UGHNT she says to him. I’m instantly thinking a mix of  “Little Goose be nice to Daddy,” and “seriously, this kid needs to go to bed.”  Daddy just smiles and says UGHNT back to her.  This led to an all out tickle battle, and UGHNT war for the next half hour until everyone was smiling and laughing.  Little Goose was so freaking happy. DADDY SAVED THE DAY!! -he always does.

Ya see, Daddy is that person that always knows exactly what to say or do in any moment to make you feel better.  He can fix any problem.  He is my saving grace. He is the calm to any storm and he keeps me sane when I am about to lose it. In his eyes she can do no wrong. In his eyes she is, and always will be his little princess.

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