Hello and welcome! I am so glad you are here!

My name is Keara and this is a little bit about my background. I became a stay at home mom after working for a GREAT financial institution for about 10 years.  I started right out of high school as a teller, as a way to get me through college.  I loved it there! I ended up staying in the industry.  I really liked loved helping people better their financial situation.  I learned as much as I could (budgeting, finances, credit reports, branch development, team development, etc.) until I landed a Branch Manager position.  The learning didn’t stop there, but it evolved. I learned how to grow numbers, increase the quality of service, delegate like no other, and grow a team that stood out in the organization.  During my time as Branch Manager, I had my first child.  My shift of focus slightly changed. I wanted to spend more time with that sweet little gift and less time 9:00-5:00.  I have an amazing husband that not only loves me unconditionally, but is my biggest cheerleader. Together we decided that one of us should be home to be with Little Goose.  So here we are. 

I started this website simply because I have a passion for helping people, and want to help improve lifestyles.  The name Picking Peanuts comes from our little girl.  Her first nickname we ever called he was Peanut ♥  She is a lot of fun and is the center of our world.

My husband and I love all things Disney.  In fact Disneyland is where we got engaged and the rest is history. 

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Thank you for reading.