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So you are welcoming a new baby into this world, and you have decided that nursing is the way you want to nourish your baby.  I have compiled this registry to help you out and make your transition with the new baby easier.

Lansinoh: SERIOUSLY though, your nipples will thank you.  Apply it after every nursing session. Its safe for Mommy and Baby!


Nursing Pads: I like the disposable ones.  These just sit in your bra to help catch leakage.  I especially like these ones because they have a tape so they stay put, for the most part, in your bra.


Nursing Bra: Get a few of these, they get kind of gross.  Plus its better to keep everything clean when nursing a little one. These nursing bras have clasps for easy access.

Nursing Cover: I really like this nursing cover for the all around protection.  It also doubles as a cute infinity scarf, and a car seat canopy.


Pump: I can not say enough how important it is to invest in a good, quality pump! It will mean the world of difference when you are trying to extract milk.  This Medela Pump really worked well for me.  It came in a back pack form for easy travel use, and it came with a cooler bag.


Milk Storage Bags: As great as it is to pump into a bottle, its so much easier for storing purposes to pump directly into a storage bag.  These Medela Bags worked for us. They have ounce markers on the side for measurement.  They even have little holes where you attach them to the Medela Pump.  The downside to these bags, they are hard to seal, I had to store them in the freezer standing up to not waste any milk.  The Lansinoh bags worked better for storing, but they were harder to attach to my pump.  I ended up securing the bag with a rubber band. BONUS: They are cheaper!


Nursing Pillow: I did not use a nursing pillow, but I have many friends that swear by them.  However, I did use my Boppy Nursing Pillow for some tummy time.  My baby liked that more than laying directly on her belly on a flat surface.

*My friends have also said they loved these things for nursing.  I have not used them, however they might be helpful to you.*

Breast Therapy: This is a gel pack that you can heat up or use cold to comfort your breasts while you are in pain.

Nursing Tanks: They have a clasp like your nursing bra for easy access. 


Here is your free checklist printable! Be sure to see our other posts on New baby needs, and all thing nursery!

What are your favorite nursing tools? Drop them in the comments below!


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