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50+ Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

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Christmas is such a wonderful, magical time of year.  Creating an advent calendar can help you and your family get right into the Christmas spirit.  Below I have over 50 ideas for you in the categories of Acts of Kindness, Activities To Do, and Free Things To do.  I really hope you enjoy and have a lovely Holiday season!

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What is a Christmas Advent Calendar?

A Christmas Advent Calendar is designed to help you countdown to the advent in anticipation of  Christmas. These calendars are such a great way to teach your children the spiritual reasons behind Christmas, or to simply spread acts of kindness and cheer.  I have created a few of these myself to share with you available in my Etsy shop Go ahead and get your DIY on.  Print them out and then use these advent calendar ideas below to put on the back of them.  Use code PICKINGPEANUTS to receive 50% off these already low priced advent calendars.  You can see examples below. I currently only have a few items available, but am working on more advent calendars each week.

advent calendar ideas |

advent calendar ideas |

advent calendar ideas |

Ideas to put on the back of the advent calendars.

Advent Calendar Ideas – Acts of kindness

  1. Make Cookies for a Neighbor
  2. Leave popcorn surprise on DVD rental machine
  3. Leave a free DVD rental code on the DVD rental machine
  4. Donate Toys To Your Favorite Charity
  5. Donate Food to your local food bank
  6. Tell Silly Jokes to Make Others laugh
  7. Take a surprise to your teacher such as a favorite candy, drink, or even some flowers.
  8. Tape Change to a Vending Machine
  9. Take Supplies to animal shelter
  10. Do a chore for a member of your family
  11. Leave a $5 bill and a note that says “Merry Christmas” under the wiper blades of a car.
  12. Shop for a gift for less fortunate children
  13. Rake leaves or pull weeds
  14. Give a compliment to a friend
  15. Take treats to fire or police station
  16. Help make dinner
  17. Treats to mail carrier
  18. Take pet on a walk
  19. Smile at everyone you see
  20. Shovel Neighbors Walks
  21. Pick up litter on a walk
  22. Donate old books
  23. Write a kind note to a family member
  24. Play with your pet for 5 minutes
  25. Return someones cart at the grocery store
  26. Set the dinner table

Advent Calendar Ideas – Activities to do

  1. Make decorations
  2. Make refrigerator Magnets
  3. Visit Santa Clause
  4. Stay up late and watch a Christmas movie
  5. Make a sweet message out of sidewalk chalk for neighbors to see
  6. Go for a night ride to see lights and decorated streets
  7. Dance off with Christmas tunes
  8. Family game night
  9. Make soup for neighbors and deliver it
  10. You pick the food today.  Pancakes for breakfast anyone?
  11. Go sledding
  12. Make Play Doh (I have an awesome recipe here)
  13. Star gazing
  14. Make a gift for grandma
  15. Read a Christmas book together
  16. Visit a Holiday light show
  17. Make ice cream sundaes
  18. Go out to eat as a family for dinner
  19. Decorate Christmas sugar cookies
  20. Visit a nativity
  21. Go caroling
  22. Make a new ornament for the tree
  23. Go ice skating
  24. Cut out snowflakes
  25. Unwrap one present early
  26. Write letters to Santa
  27. Go get a gingerbread house and assemble when Dad comes home

Advent Calendar Ideas – Free things to do

  1. Visit a nativity
  2. Make an ornament
  3. Cut out snowflakes
  4. Write a letter to Santa
  5. Star gazing
  6. Family game night
  7. Dance off
  8. Make Dinner
  9. Rake leaves, pull weeds, shovel walks,
  10. Tell a silly joke
  11. Smile at EVERYONE you see
  12. Give compliments all day long
  13. Set the table for dinner
  14. Visit Santa
  15. Secretly do a chore for a family member
  16. Donate toys to your favorite kids charity
  17. Donate food to a local charity
  18. Hold the door open for someone
  19. Give someone a hug coupon
  20. Take dog on a walk or play with your pet for 5 minutes
  21. Clean up toys without being asked
  22. Give high fives to a friend
  23. Read a book to someone
  24. Pick up litter when going for a walk
  25. Put away someone else’s cart at a grocery store

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