Disney Halloween Party Ideas

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As many of you know, I love all things Disney.  We try to go to Disneyland at least once a year, more specifically, during Halloween time.   I love all the decorations, music, ambiance, but most importantly, the Disney Villains come out to play!  Its a rare time when you see the Villains and I love it.  We decided not to go to Disneyland during Halloween time this year, so I decided to throw a Disney Halloween Party instead.  It turned out AMAZING.  Disneyland starts its Halloween celebration September 7th, which is why our party was so early.  Plus I have some MAD FALL FEVER this year (see previous post) and couldn’t help myself.

Pick A Theme

Because it’s Halloween time in Disneyland, I decided to go with the Disney Villain theme. There is so much stuff you can find online, you will see what I used below.

Make Invitations

First I set the date and made these invitations. They are pretty adorable right!!? I did use ETSY.com for some inspiration, but I did make them myself.

Disney Halloween Party Inviation

Make Decorations

I made this awesome wreath

I bought a wreath from a local craft store, added some sunflowers, pumpkins and the pumpkin Mickey to it.

This Beware Of Hitchhiking Ghosts Sign. 

This sign is actually 36″ x 6″ and I hung it above a door.

See this post for a step by step how to. 

These super adorable ghosts

I made these ghosts out of cheesecloth and balloons.  I decorated them with faces I cut out with my Silhouette Cameo and put lights under them.

I used these lanterns found on the website Designs by Miss Mandee

These little lanterns are so awesome! I love all the detail they came with.  They were easy to load into my Silhouette program and easy to assemble.

Printed some Villain images out from Pinterest.

To go with our Disney Villain Party Theme, I just had to have some Villains somewhere.

Carsland tire monster 

Using construction paper, I used my Silhouette to cut out the eyebrows eyes and teeth, I then assembled the eyes using glue.  This is my favorite Halloween decoration in California Adventure. I couldn’t pass it up.  I think it turned out pretty great!  I just taped it to a rug so I wouldn’t have to figure out how to hang it up. haha

Used table clothes from the Dollar Store

These table clothes added a pop of color and were super cheap.


Disney Food Ideas

What’s a party without some awesome Disneyland inspired food ideas?  When I think of Disneyland classic food ideas, I immediately go to hand dipped corn dogs, chicken breast nuggets, turkey legs, and churros.  YUM.  I decided to offer corn dogs, chicken breast nuggets, fries, as well as 3 different desserts for this party.

Making food around here comes with its own challenge because everything has to be gluten free.  Some of the people I invited have Celiac Disease, and some have a gluten intolerance, so it’s just better to be safe than sorry. You can check out my sisters blog Celiac And Stressed for more info on that.

Chicken Breast Nuggets

I hand breaded these nuggets following this recipe with a few modifications.  I used almond flour instead of almond meal. I did not use coconut flour.  Instead of smoked paprika I used Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle Seasoning.  Southwest Seasoning has a bit of a smokey spice to it as well as an awesome flavor.  I’m not sure how it compares to smoked paprika but I love it!  These nuggets are to die for.  They are so dang tasty and will leave everyone wanting more!


You HAVETA try this ranch recipe.  It is amazing and its DAIRY free!!  You can put it on your chicken, corn dogs, fries, vegetables… uhhh… cookies… first born… (too far?) you know whatever you would like really. 😉  It’s that good! Its found here about 1/2 way down the page under “basic ranch”.  Instead of a food processor I used my KitchenAid hand blender / emulsifier to do the trick. It worked beautifully.

Corn Dogs-

Breading all of those nuggets for 12 people was a lot of work, totally worth it, but a lot of work.  I decided to forgo hand breading the corn dogs and just bought some that are gluten free.  I did have to go to 4 stores to find them, but I found them and I was ECSTATIC.  Best of all, they tasted great!  I mean not Disneyland great, but pretty darn good!


My husband and I love fries, maybe a little too much. I mean who else just has one of these potato slicers lying around?  Judge me if you want but our fries are on point. haha.  Chop your potatoes however you wish, and then cook them in oil.  We cooked them in the deep fryer like this one for extra convenience.


We served our favorite Disney drink – Louisanna Lemonade.  We grabbed these glow cubes, and had cups made by my other sister Des.  (She made these custom for me but does some awesome stuff with vinyl check out her Etsy shop! DesisDesignz.etsy.com )


I wanted to do some Disney themed desserts.  Obviously I had to make them Mickey Mouse shaped.

Pumpkin Mickey Mouse Bites With Cream Cheese Frosting

I used the gluten free Namaste Cake Mix, added a can of pumpkin and cooked this in a glass cake pan.  Once it was done, I cut them out with my Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter. I then put the cream cheese frosting into my piping bag and decorated them.

Chocolate Cupcakes With Buttercream Frosting and Caramel Sauce

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix by King Arthur is what we used to make cupcakes.  We then used these cupcake liners to go with our purple and green theme. I pulled out the center of the cupcake using a frosting tip.  Then I filled that hole with caramel and then topped it with colored buttercream frosting, and a drizzle of caramel.  These were DIVINE!

Eclair Push Pops

I wanted to do something fun for dessert too that wasn’t necessarily a Disney dessert, but still super tasty.  I have made eclair cake before but never dairy free.  What is an eclair cake you ask?  Its basically just graham crackers, pudding, and frosting layered in a cake pan.  It’s so simple and pretty tasty.

I used gluten free graham crackers as the base.

Then I added a vanilla instant pudding.  The recipe on the box says to combine one package of pudding to three cups of milk.  Since I was using almond milk, I added HALF of the amount (so 1.5 cups of almond milk) to get it to set correctly.  Once it was set, I added lactose free whipped cream.  The recipe calls for cool whip but… you guessed it… it contains dairy.

After that I added a small layer of chocolate frosting and repeated that step one more time into the push pop.

See the pretty layers?


Our Disney Halloween Party was such a blast! Of course I had to give everyone a goodie bag too! I bought everyone a cheap drawstring bag, put a shirt inside, as well as some candied pretzels.  If you would like to see how I made these shirts, check out this post.

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