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Halloween time is my most favorite time of year! I knew that I just had to throw a Disney themed Halloween party this year.  If you haven’t seen Halloween at Disneyland you definitely need to, the Disney Villains come out to play and it is spooktacular!  I knew with this party I just had to make Disney Villain shirts for everyone to wear.  I had so much fun designing these t shirts.   They went perfectly with our Disney Villain themed party.  I got the idea for these DIY Disney Villain shirts from Designs By Miss Mandee.  She has some awesome free downloads that I totally snatched up.  I also just love making and designing shirts.  You can get almost any sized shirt on  The shirts I purchased were all around $3.00 or less, you can also find cheap shirts at your local craft store.  I made a total of 10 shirts using the method below.

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Step 1– Cut out your design on some freezer paper.  Freezer paper works amazing for this bleach project because it adheres to the shirt just enough while bleaching, and then peels off amazingly with crisp clean lines.

Step 2– Prepare your bleach mixture in a spray bottle.  Use one part bleach to one part water.  I poured 8 ounces of bleach with 8 ounces of water into a cheap spray bottle that I found at Dollar Tree.

Step 3–  Put your shirt on a flat surface, put a piece of cardboard inside to protect the bleach from going all the way through.  I also put some cardboard piece on the sleeves, or anywhere else I didn’t want bleach to get.

Step 4– Position and iron your freezer paper decal onto your shirt.

Step 5– Spray the bleach mixture onto the shirt.  You will only need 2-3 sprays, 3 is the amount of sprays I did on the big shirts, and 2 sprays on the kids shirts.  DO NOT over spray otherwise it will bleed under the freezer paper and the lines will not be crisp.  It takes a few minutes for the magic to appear.  Be patient.

Step 6-  Blot the excess bleach off of the freezer paper.  This ensures the bleach will not bleed as you peel it off, leaving the edges nice and crisp.

Step 7 – Peal off the freezer paper.  Hang shirt to dry.

I had so much fun making these Disney shirts.  Everyone at the party enjoyed receiving them too.

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