Make Money On Pinterest Using Affiliate Marketing, No Blog Needed

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When I tell people that my pinning addiction turned into actual money they usually don’t believe me, and then they want to know HOW.  I don’t blame them.  Being paid for your pinning habits is awesome.  You too can get paid for your pinning habits using Affiliate Marketing.  I find it more beneficial to have a blog, but you can also do this without as you will see below.  Making money on Pinterest is a lot of work at first but is beneficial in the long run.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is just a big visual search engine.  People get visual ideas to create projects.  Pinterest is every bloggers gold mine.  Pinterest drives traffic to my website each month for FREE! To reach a bigger audience than your current followers on Pinterest, you will need to join a bunch of group boards.  The more group boards you join the greater your reach will be.  I also use Tailwind to help me schedule my pins, I then use Tailwind tribes for an even further reach,  I am currently finding Tailwind tribes more beneficial than group boards.  You can try Tailwind out ABSOLUTELY FREE for your first 100 pins.  This way you can see how truly useful it is as your new Pinterest pinning tool. Tailwind truly helps me to work smarter not harder!

Affiliate Marketing

When I was first looking to start my blog, I knew I wanted to get going with affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is what bloggers and influencers use to earn passive income.  They promote products they love and use, for a commission from that products company.  That is the gist of what I knew about Affiliate Marketing and I wanted to learn more.

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I scoured the internet for someone or something to teach me.  I knew that a great education would lead to great results, but who to trust?  That is when I stumbled upon Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing through Pinterest.   It wasn’t until I took Michelle’s course that I learned what affiliate marketing is in its entirety.  Michelle runs the very successful blog Making Sense of Cents. It wasn’t long after I implemented the things taught in the course I earned my first affiliate sale.  I would encourage anyone looking to get started with affiliate marketing to take Michelle’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

This course also has a Pinterest Strategies section, written by the lovely Rosemarie.  Rosemarie runs the Busy Budgeter blog.  She has also had awesome success blogging.

A few ways to I learned to make money through affiliate marketing are:

  • Writing product reviews– This is a great way to introduce a product to your readers.  The fact that you actually have used the product builds trust.  This will help convince your readers that they too need the product.
  • Create a resource page for your blog– This is an awesome way to show your readers exactly which products you love and use.  You can see my resource page here.
  • Put affiliate link banners in the side bar of you blog– The sidebar of your blog is basically free real estate.  Its just sitting there all empty when it could be working for you.
  • Use interviews to drive sales– Interviewing someone allows you to get more information about the product.  It also allows you to become somewhat of an expert in the area.
  • Do a tutorial of how you use that particular product- To achieve this, you can either take still images or you can record yourself using it.  Make sure you explain any questions you have, or you think your readers my have about the product. Talk about the good and the bad.  This also helps to build trust.
  • Posting direct links from Affiliate company to Pinterest– Pinterest used to not allow this, but now they do and I LOVE IT.  I gather my link and image from the affiliate company I wish to promote and pin it.  When I do pin it, I make sure to look up for keywords and use hashtags (discussed below in the Instagram section).  Make sure to always disclose that its an affiliate product.

A few companies out there to start affiliate marketing with are, Awin, MaxBounty, Ebates, Amazon Associates, ShopStyle Collective, CJ Affiliate, and Share A Sale. You name the niche and Michelle’s course will direct you to a bunch of affiliates.

Don’t worry, all of this and more is discussed in the course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.  I am simply giving you a taste of what is to come.  This is one purchase you will not regret buying!


So You Don’t Have A Blog, Now What?

There are some websites that allow you to become influencers/affiliates without having a blog, you promote products a little differently.  Some of those websites are: Amazon, ShopStyle Collective, CJ Affiliate, and Share A Sale, just to name a few.

Use Social Media

Instagram is a great platform for promoting products.   I would recommend switching your current profile to a business profile, this way you won’t have to lose any of your current followers.  To achieve this, while in the Instagram app, go to settings -> Switch to a Business Profile.  Its pretty simple.  Take awesome, eye catching photos of the product, visual aids help attract readers.  Instagram has an awesome swipe up feature that will direct your followers to whichever website.  *Remember to always disclose affiliate links.*

Use hashtags with every post to gain more followers.  People can now search and follow hashtags on Instagram, this is awesome because your stuff will show up on their search if you use the correct hashtag.

To find similar hashtags, use the search bar.  Lets say you are posting about a birthday outfit you just got and are so excited about.  If you type in Birthday Outfits into Instagrams search bar, these hashtags show up; #birthdayoutfit #birthdayoutfitsforgirls #birthdayoutfitsonpoint etc.

Where are you going to use such an outfit? At a birthday party of course.  Birthday Party can now be a keyword.  If you type in Birthday Party into Instagrams search bar, these hashtags show up; #birthdayparty #birthdaypartyideas #birthdaypartyfun #birthdaypartydecor and so on.

If you just type in birthday, these hashtags show up; #birthdaygirl, #birthdayweekend #birthdayfun #birthdaylove #birthdaynight #birthdayqueen #birthdaybash #birthdays etc. I think you get the point by now.  Use all of these hashtags with your post, or in the first comment.

As you can see, finding keywords for hashtags is pretty simple.  After you put this on your Instagram page, add the swipe up feature for your followers to “shop now.”

Then be sure to pin it to Pinterest using your affiliate link, an eye catching image, and awesome hashtags.

Youtube is also great, you can post a tutorial of you using the product, adding an affiliate link in the comments of where to purchase.  This way your visitors can get an idea of how to actually use the product.  Make sure you ask them to subscribe to your channel in each video.

Sell Stuff Online

Get Crafty- You already love Pinterest, its time to hone into those special craft skills and make something you can sell online.  Selling stuff on Etsy is my favorite, you can also sell through Ebay or Amazon, just to name a few. You can check out my Etsy shop if you would like.

Amazon FBA- You sell the product and Amazon will ship it for you.  I love this because I don’t have to stock a bunch of inventory in my house for a product that may or may not sell.  Amazon will pack, ship, and even take care of customer service for you.

With each item you make or wish to sell you are also pinning it to Pinterest and adding them to your Tailwind Tribes.

Other Ways To Make Money Online

Be a Virtual Assistant– provide your professional services right from your home.

This job may be for you if you

  • love social media; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • know how to automate using Hootsuite, Buffer, or Tailwind.
  • Can proofread content, edit and fix links.
  • Write product descriptions.

*This scratches the surface of what virtual assistants can actually do.

Take Surveys– Get paid for giving your opinion in surveys. A few places to get started with surveys are:

Sell Your Own Photos- Sell your photos online to make money.  A few places to sell your photos are:


As you can see, there are many ways to make money with Pinterest and online.

If you found this post even a little bit helpful, please pin it to Pinterest.


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