Gender Reveal Party Decorations

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When planning a gender reveal party, it’s important to pick a theme.  There are so many themes out there and you could make a theme out of almost anything.  Just to name a few, tutus or touchdowns, lips or mustaches, prince or princess, boots or ballerina (slippers), guns or glitter, Luke or Leia, twinkle twinkle little star how we wonder what you are, and so many more. You can easily find decorations for almost any theme online or at a local party store.  If that fails you can always make your own.  You can do this party as cheap or as inexpensive as you would like.

When I had my gender reveal party, we went with the lips or mustaches theme.  It was pretty cute and perfect.  You can read more about it here.

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1. Gender Reveal Party Idea: Baby Blocks | Style Bluprint

How adorable are these? For a gender reveal party, I would wrap them in white paper and put blue or pink letters on them.

2. Gender Reveal Party Idea: Poem | Karas Party Ideas

This poem is too sweet to pass up!  It would be such a perfect addition to your yard if having an outdoor party.

3. Gender Reveal Party Idea: Old Wives Tales Sign | Vandi Fair

For my gender reveal party, I also made a sign like this.  Even though I had a girl, My Old Wives Tales were leaning towards boy.  It was fun to throw everybody off.

4. Gender Reveal Party Ideas: Balloons | Twigs and Twirls

I love the color combination of these balloons.  You can go grab some from your local party supply store and probably save some money, or you can just grab them here if you’d like.

5. Gender Reveal Party Idea: Necklaces to cast votes | Sweet Wood Creative Co.

This is a fun idea too! Your guests can see whose team everyone else is on simply by seeing if they are wearing a pink or a blue necklace.  You can grab beaded necklaces here.

6. Gender Reveal Party Idea: Burlap Streamers | Sweet Wood and Creative Co.

I’ll be the first to admit, I am a sucker for burlap and twine and I love the look of this!  You can buy burlap by the spool on Amazon, as well as twine and pink and blue ribbon.

7. Gender Reveal Party Idea: Pink or Blue We Love You | Wine Country Banners – ETSY

This banner is super cute!

As you probably already know, I love ETSY, I love creativity, I love supporting small businesses.  This particular shop has awesome sales, great reviews, and a good ship time- which is all something everyone should look for when buying on ETSY.

8. Gender Reveal Party Idea: Fabric Back Drop | Two Twenty One

This is super cute and easy.  She lays out the instructions perfectly for you to do this yourself. I love the different shades of blue and pink.  It ties everything together so nicely.  You’ll need a yard and a half of eight different fabrics she has 4 shades of each color.  Normally I would direct you to my favorite site/addiction, Amazon, but I think you could get material cheaper at your local craft store.

9. Gender Reveal Party Idea: He or See Come in and See | Pearls Handcuffs Happy Hour

Why are chalkboard signs always so cute? Perhaps its the contrast of light or bright with the dark.  I don’t know, but I do know that these chalkboards are a pretty good price.  Don’t forget the chalk too!

10. Gender Reveal Party Idea: Lips or Mustaches | Kate Aspen

I had lips and mustaches at my gender reveal party too except they were on straws instead of clothespins. I love the idea though.  Instead of hanging the up, you could also have your guests wear them in order to tell whose team everyone is on.

Throwing a gender reveal party doesn’t have to be expensive, a few small decorations will go a long way.  I think you’ll find everyone’s reactions to the big surprise well worth it.

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