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15 Easy Halloween Food Ideas

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As I am sure you know by now, we love celebrating Halloween at our house.  We have a total of three Halloween parties this year and have had some of these fun Halloween foods as well.  Here are some kid friendly, fun, and spooky Halloween food ideas for you, they will disappear quick – like magic!

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1. Chips and Dip Jack O’ Lantern | Tasty.co

Chips and dip are a classic go to for any party.  This puking pumpkin puts a fun Halloween spin on it.  The guacamole is chunky which gives extra texture to this dish. The recipe is pretty simple to follow as well.

Chips and Dip | Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

2. Monster Eyed Cookies | Lil Luna

You make the cookies so brightly colored with neon food coloring.  These candy eyeballs just make these cookies extra spooky.

Halloween Party Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

3. Mummy Hot Dogs | Our Kids Mom

Most kids love hot dogs. These hot dogs are so simple to make because you wrap each hot dog with a piece of pre-made dough.  You can use a can of the crescent roll dough which can be found at most stores in the refrigerated section, near the butter or cookie area.

Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

4. Ghostly Pizza | My Recipes

Who doesn’t love a pizza?  The kids I know love pizza. This pizza has a fun take, instead of sprinkling cheese you cut it out using a ghost cookie cutter before you cook it.

Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

5. Nutter Mummies | Plain Chicken

What a super cute idea, which is also so easy.  All you need for these is a package of nutter butter cookies, candy eyeballs, and some white melting chocolate.

Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

6. Pumpkin Cheese Ball | Family Fresh Meals

Have you guys ever seen a more perfect pumpkin shaped cheese ball in your entire life? Me either, and I love it.  Cheese balls are always a hit at parties, people are naturally drawn to them. I love how she incorporated the stem on this pumpkin too.

 | Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

7. Jack O Lantern Quesadillas | Florasippi Girl 

These adorable quesadillas will have your kid begging for another one. Cut the face out with a knife or use some spooky cookie cutters of the kids choice.

| Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

8. Green Slime Popcorn | Nerdy Recipes Tumblr

This fun green popcorn is a classic twist on making caramel corn.  You won’t be able to stop eating this.

Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

9. Deviled Egg Eyeballs | Organized 31

You can’t reeeallly have a party without some form of deviled eggs.  These eyeballs are perfect for your Halloween party. She uses green food dye for this recipe.  However, I do LOOOVVVE replacing mayonnaise with avocado which would add a natural green element.

 Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

10. Bat Treats | Chelseas Messy Apron

These adorable little guys are super easy to make.  You literally just need 4 ingredients to tie these cuties together; Reeses, Oreos, Candy Eyeballs, Frosting.

Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

11. Witches Hat Cupcakes | Wilton 

These hats are pretty easy to assemble.  Kids and adults will want to gobble them up.

Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

12. Dracula Dentures | Delish

Most of the edible Halloween teeth I have found are made of apples. I LOVE that these are made from cookies. The red frosting along with the slivered almonds gives this an extra frightening touch.

Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

13. Oreo Truffles | Chelseas Messy Apron

Oreo truffles are such a delicious treat, and they are simple to make.  You can make these with 5 ingredients or less.

Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

14. Halloween Graveyard Taco Dip | Food Recipes Club

This taco dip is super easy to make. You basically just layer the ingredients in a baking dish.  Serve it with tortilla chips and you will be the party favorite.

Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com

15. Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Dip | Real Housemoms

While this doesn’t exactly look spooky or Halloween-esk, the flavor of pumpkin definitely screams Halloween/ Fall.  This delicious recipe consists of 6 ingredients that you can whip together in less than 5 minutes.

Halloween Party Food Ideas | PickingPeanuts.com


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