Mothers Day Present Ideas

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Your Mom is amazing and deserves the world right?  Well this Mothers Day, why not give her something that she will really enjoy. These items will either make her life easier, or will help her relax to be the best that she can be.

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1- Roku Streaming-    I love my Roku because it has a ton of apps to download to make watching your favorite shows easy.  Apps such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO now, even Redbox.  Your Mom needs one!

2- FitBit–  The Fitbit Charge 2 is fantastic.  Not only is it easy to use but it allows you to see who is calling and texting without having to pull your phone out.  It has a super long battery life, I charge mine every 5 days. You can change the band color out to match any outfit. It also connects to the My Fitness Pal App! This watch is a definite winner!

3- Kitchenaid Mixer: Your Mom should have this item in her kitchen already, after all, it is a must have.  However, if she doesn’t you could definitely hook her up with this. She may even make you some cookies! 😉


4- Instant Pot: I am all about products that save you time, or make life simpler. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to the Instant Pot! This is such a time saver, you can literally cook your entire meal in one pot.  Saves you time on cooking and clean up after. Your Mom will love you for it.  ♥ Check out my Pinterest board for some awesome Instant Pot Ideas

5- Nesting Baking Set:   I love this set because it simplifies my kitchen.  It literally has everything you could use for baking stacked into a perfect little set.

6- Scalp Massager:     Who doesn’t love a good scalp massage?  It is sooo relaxing!  (Which is just happens to be what Moms needs- more relaxing, less stressing.)


7-  Fruit Infuser Water Bottle:  What a great way to increase your water intake by adding some delicious flavored fruit, vegetables or herbs to your bottle.  This water bottle is a game changer.

8- Birthstone Necklace:  If you are looking for something a little more sentimental, check out this necklace! I love that it is stamped with names and has birthstones.  It’s perfect. **Fair warning, she might cry when you give this to her.**

9- Mommin’  Aint Easy Shirt: This shirt says it all. Mommin aint easy! -But its so worth it! ♥♥

10- Bath Bombs: Help your mom to relax with these bath bombs.  They are filled with essential oils that invite all the senses and the whole body to relax and soak it all in.

11- Birthstone Bracelet:  This one is also a little more sentimental.  Would work great for Grandmothers too, you can add up to 12 charms on this bracelet. **tears may follow**

12- Purse:  Chances are, her purse is full of crumbs or garbage, or is just tattered and worn out.  She could definitely use a new one, this particular color looks great with most outfits too.

13- Jewelry Box: Chances are your Mom already has one of these.  If she doesn’t, she definitely could use one to organize all of her jewelry in.

14- Curling Wand:  This wand creates gorgeous waves or curls in minutes.  The titanium barrel even works for hard to curl hair.

15- Amope foot file: Removes callouses to have soft feet in minutes. Works on wet or dry skin.


♥I hope these things help Mothers Day to be a little more special this year for you.♥

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♥Stay Beautiful♥


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