Nursery Registry Musts

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So you are having a baby! YAY! AND you need a registry, you really have no idea where to start. I know what you’re thinking, “How could something so small need so many things to survive.” Its so true! Those little tiny babes are so expensive.  A lot of the things on these registries are actually here to help make your transition to parenthood so much easier.  This post has baby nursery musts, you may also enjoy this blog for nursing needs, and things for the baby. Don’t forget to grab the checklist printout at the bottom 🙂 

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Crib: Obviously you need a crib for the little babe to sleep in.  My favorite cribs, are the ones that switch into toddler beds, day beds, and a full size bed. They call them 4-in-1 Convertible Crib .  I love how they grow with your kiddo!


Crib Mattress: To go along with the crib, a crib mattress is a must. You don’t need to go crazy, babies don’t know about memory foam, or hypoallergenic mattresses, trust me they will be fine with a basic mattress until they get older. OH, and yes! All cribs are a standard size so a basic crib mattress will fit in any crib.


Crib Bedding: Guys, there are going to become a time where your little gets sick, trust me you are going to want a mattress protector (I recommend two, for a quick swap of sheets while the other is being washed to save the mattress.  You definitely need sheets. Also, a crib mesh liner, make sure its breathable though so your little can continue to breathe when they smash their faces up against it.

Baby Monitor: This baby monitor is great! It gives me such piece of mind every night.  Not only can I hear her, I CAN SEE HER! It also tells me the room temperature, and has an awesome battery life.


Rocking ChairTrust me when I say this, YOU WILL USE YOUR ROCKER/GLIDER MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY.  Whether you are putting your little down for a nap, or feeding them, or even just trying to soothe them with the motion. A rocker is a life saver!


Dresser: A dresser has multiple uses.  I used the dresser in my babies room for many different things.  In a few drawers were the clothes, in one drawer were wipes and diapers. I used these drawer dividers to keep her cute little tops, bottoms, and socks organized. What I use the dresser for most is a changing table! I just put a cute little diaper changing pad on top of it.  It saved me from having yet another piece of furniture in her room.


Changing table: As I said before, I didn’t use a changing table, I used my short six drawer dresser.  However, they can be helpful and a back saver so you don’t have to change the baby on the floor.


Diaper Pale: Or AKA Diaper Genie is so great for keeping soiled diapers in.  It keeps the diapers in and the smell out (mostly).

Hamper: You’re going to want a place to put those cute little clothes when your little is done with them. A little hamper is actually very helpful.


Hangers: If you aren’t going to be using a dresser, you may want to get some hangers to hang up all the clothes. You need some smaller ones like these, after all their clothes are very tiny.


AND because I love helping you out, here is a free printable checklist.

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