12 Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas

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What is a Gender Reveal Party?

A Gender Reveal Party is an occasion where all of your loved ones come together to find out the sex of your new bundle of joy. Traditionally the ultrasound technician will write down the baby’s gender and seal it in an envelope.  You then give the envelope to a professional of your choice, ie. a baker, or balloon maker, to collect or make all of the appropriate items for the big reveal.

You announce the party to your family and friends and pick a theme. There are so many themes to chose from, the sky is seriously the limit.  Typically the party has food items, decorations, and maybe even some games.   When the time is right, you and your guests will gather and the surprise, put together by the previously mentioned professional, will then be opened.

There will be lots of pictures taken, lots of hugs and smiles given, maybe even some tears.  It is seriously such a fun, enjoyable, memorable moment.  I know I will never forget my Gender Reveal Party, thats for sure, I only wish I would have captured it on camera.

If you would like to read a snippet of my party you can do so here.

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1. Gender Reveal Party:  Cake Pops | Craftsy.com

This idea is my favorite, for it is how we revealed the gender of our baby.  My husband and I found out the gender at the ultrasound but still wanted to see everyone’s reaction at the party.  I will never forget their faces when they bit into the cake pops. Most people were so surprised, they thought for sure it would be a boy, but the pink cake told them otherwise.

I love the sticks on these particular cake pops.  You can grab them here.  If you don’t have time to make these or don’t know anyone to help you out, ETSY.com is my go to for homemade goods.

If you want to make them yourself you will need; cake mix including the oil and eggs, gel food coloring, buttercream frosting, candy meltssucker sticksstyrofoam (if you want your cake pops standing up instead of being down), bags (to individually wrap), ribbon (to tie off the bag).  I follow this method from Craftsy.com.

2. Gender Reveal Party: Cake | Rianelutzphotography.com

When I very first heard of a Gender Reveal Party, this is how the gender ended up being revealed.  My friend and her husband had the whole thing recorded.  Her husbands reaction was priceless, bouncing up and down, practically strangling my friend because of how tight he was hugging her. I loved it.

3. Gender Reveal Party: Balls | BabyKees – Etsy Shop

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love ETSY. I love the creativity and I love supporting small businesses.  This particular shop is adorable!  The unique ways they have to reveal the gender of your baby are outstanding. My personal favorite is the football, mainly just because that is my favorite sport to watch, and you get to kick it to open it.

4. Gender Reveal Party: Pop The Belly | SmudgeBlog.com

For this idea, she filled all of the balloons with white paint and only had one balloon of the gender color, which was actually a trick and she brought out the real balloon later.  I love this idea because of how unique it is.

5. Gender Reveal Party: Balloon Pop | Samdobsonwrites.com

I have seen the classic balloon pop many times. This photo captures each moment perfectly!  To accomplish this, buy a black balloon, along with pink and blue confetti. When you go get your balloon filled with helium, tell them to put confetti in it with which ever color the gender envelope says.  You may get some push back because the “confetti may pop the balloon”, but if you are insistent enough they most likely will do it for you.  Just know if the balloon pops, you will just have to buy another one.  This one happens to come in a two pack, just saying.

6. Gender Reveal Party: Box of Balloons | Theweddingscoop.com

Opening this box up HAS TO be better than opening up any other gift ever given.

7. Gender Reveal Party: Confetti Poppers | Thimblepress.com

I wouldn’t even mind cleaning up this mess for one second.  I have seen people make their own or buy them from ETSY.  These ones in particular are from Thimble Press.

8. Gender Reveal Party: Paint Fight | Ambernhannphotography.wordpress.com

This idea is super cute.  You can literally see the joy on their faces.  I love that they are blind folded, what a sweet moment it would have been when the blindfolds would have came off.

9. Gender Reveal Party: Silly String | Momstatic.com

For this silly string idea, you wrap the silly string with paper, the paper can be white, gender neutral such as brown, grey or yellow, or pink and blue.  At your gender reveal party, everyone sprays you, or you spray each other with the silly string. Whichever color comes out will be the gender of your baby.

10. Gender Reveal Party: Egg Smash Roulette | Dallen and Molli Reber

I love this one so much.  There is twelve eggs for them to crack on their foreheads, six pink and six blue.  She gave her sister the envelope, with the gender inside, and had her sister in charge of boiling eleven of the twelve eggs, keeping one raw, along with coloring them pink and blue.  Whichever egg is raw, is the gender of your baby.  Watch their full video here.

11. Gender Reveal Party: Exploding Volcano | Sirayasays.blogspot.com

This gender reveal volcano will have your guests exploding with excitement.  Her instructions are pretty easy to follow.  You would have to make this ahead of time to have the base become firm.  You will then add the vinegar at your party to have the lava erupt from the volcano.

12. Gender Reveal Party: Fireworks | Followinmyarrow.blogspot.com

FIREWORKS!! One of my favorite things about summer!  Also how exciting would it be to reveal the gender of your baby this way.

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